The One and Only – Natural Walk

I am indispensable and unique because I follow the movements of your arms. If you hold me correctly I take on a lot of your weight and relieve your hips and knees. You strengthen your upper-body muscles with me. You will start walking faster and become more stable. The reason I am different – my curve – takes on the role of a natural shock absorber because I flex under your force and therefore cushion jolts and vibrations.
While walking, your hands immediately feel the warmth of my handle as it is made from a natural material – wood. I am designed in a way which allows you to hold me with two grips. I prefer a T-grip with which you activate your thumb but you can hold me with a classical grip as well.

Can you hear the nature whispering? I can and can hardly wait for us to walk together and discover new ways.

I wish for you to keep your ideal, upright body posture by extending my upper and lower part and adjusting me precisely to your height. Your every breath in and breath out will be easier, deeper and more natural due to the good posture of your body.

Pick me up and let’s go somewhere nice!
Your Natural Walk